“I Share, Therefore I Am: Building Brand Engagement Campaigns” on Think with Google

In today’s participatory culture, getting eyeballs is no longer enough. Now, brands aim to engage consumers on a deeper level to foster long-term loyalty. So how do you encourage existing fans and potential new customers to like, share, comment on and contribute to your narrative? In this article, Charisse L’Pree Corsbie-Massay, Ph.D., assistant professor at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, lays out three ways marketers can harness the power of sharing to create effective brand engagement campaigns.

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Oprah Winfrey and My Personal Trajectory from Couch Potato to Assistant Professor

Today, the mighty Ms. O will be visiting the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University for the opening of our new studio and innovation center. I will be attending the luncheon where she will be the featured speaker. In honor of breathing the same air, I would like to share publicly the role that Oprah Winfrey has played in my own personal trajectory from spending hours in front of the television every day to an Assistant Professor at one of the most prestigious communications schools in the country.

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Tackling Diversity is like Eating a Whale

This week, my students asked several questions that highlighted the conundrum of teaching diversity in media: (1) the fact that these discussions make everyone feel uncomfortable, (2) the no-win situation of attempting to be “diverse” when producing media, and (3) the seeming futility of trying to be post-racial.

tl;dr: Melinda Mae by Shel Silverstein

Have you heard of tiny Melinda Mae,
Who ate a monstrous whale?
She thought she could,
She said she would,
So she started in right at the tail.


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What is PR with Marisa Wayne

Marisa Wayne, VP at Rubenstein in New York City joins my COM107 class to talk about her years in the PR industry. Marisa interned at ABC Daytime and Soap Opera Weekly, and also worked at Z100. She talks about what she does on a daily basis, shares insights of the industry, and offers recommendations for students considering PR.

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“What are you?” Reactions to American Racial Rhetoric among Mixed and Multiracial Caribbeans

Historically, the United States has had tumultuous relationship with mixed and multiracial individuals within its borders; interracial marriage was illegal until 1967, and the one-drop rule continues affect racial discourse. Combined with the hegemonic power of American culture, the effect of this rhetoric is especially evident in neighboring cultures with different social constructions of race. This paper explores the experiences of young adults in the United States and the Caribbean who identify as mixed or multiracial, and their use of social media to publicly identify and affect this conversation.

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